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Japanese Hotel Uohan

Follow gentle waves to a soothing spot

A well-established ryokan, Uohan in Hamasaki Karatsu located within a rich natural environment. Since every room has an extraordinary ocean view, you are sure to have a relaxing experience. The view is also superb from the open-air bath on the roof.

Excellent dishes with fresh food from the sea!


More Info

  • Uohan was established more than 100 years ago on the site of a cottage of a Btitish merchant, Eric Maura. He loved the beautiful nature in Hamasaki so much he built his cottage here.

    魚半は、100年以上前に英国人商人エリック・モーラーさんの別荘跡地に誕生したの。 彼は浜崎の豊かな自然に感動して、ここに別荘を建てたそうよ。

  • The classic feeling of the original cottage has beenrevived here.


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