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“Sugar Road” produced Saga’s sweets

During the isolation policy of the Edo period, Nagasaki Dejima was the only contact point with overseas countries. The sugar unloaded there was carried from Nagasaki through the Nagasaki Kaido road, which goes through Saga to Kokura, and was brought to Kyoto, Osaka, Edo and other places. Confectionery brought from Nanban (western countries) was unlike traditional Japanese sweets, using plenty of sugar. With the introduction of Nanban sweets, sugar culture bloomed mainly along the Nagasaki Kaido, and triggered new unique sweets in various places combining western sweets with Japanese culture and climate. This is why Nagasaki Kaido is called Sugar Road.

Sweets brought to Saga



Has a subtly sweet flavor and unique soft texture.


Ogi Youkan

Sweets with elegant sweetness made from azuki beans, sugar and agar.


Shoro manju

Plenty of bean paste in a fragrant thin Castella dough.

Saga has so many unique, delicious sweets.

More Info

  • Saga has so many unique, delicious sweets. The sugar carried on the Nagasaki Kaido had a big influence on Saga's confectionery.

    佐賀は昔ながらの美味しいお菓子が沢山あるの。 長崎街道を運ばれていった砂糖が、佐賀銘菓に大きな影響を与えたんだよ

  • Where can we buy those sweets?


    • You can see various sweets at the shops in the Saga Station or Saga airport.


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