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Hizen Saga Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Expo

Hizen Saga Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Expo
March17, 2018 - January 14, 2019

All over the prefecture centering around the Saga City Jonai area!

Hizen Saga Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Expo" is going to be held all over Saga prefecture, centering around the Saga city Jönai area starting March 17th, 2018. This is an enjoyable exhibition where you will be exposed to the history, cuisine and culture Of Saga at Bakurnatsu Meiji Restoration Memorial Museum, Real Ködökan, Hagakure Miraikan and others which are introducing "art", "character" and "ambitions" of great people who had an important roles in the Meiji Restoration.

March17, 2018 - January 14, 2019
All over the prefecture centering around the Saga City Jonai area

(Opening hours)
Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Memorial Museum
Real Kodokan, Hagakure 18:00

(Closed) - Admission to Real Kodokan starts April 16
Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Memorial Museum,
Real Kodokan

For other facilities' opening hours and closed days, check the Expo's website.

(Admission fee)

  • gakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Memorial Museum: 800 yen
  • Real Kodokan, Hagakure Miraikan: 400 yen

(Sales period for admission ticket)
Same-day tickets : March 17.2018 - January 14, 2019 (during the exhibition)

( Sales location )
Major travel agencies and convenience stores throughout the country
(Access to the Saga City Jonai area)

  • About a 20 minute walk from Saga station or about 6 minutes by bus
  • About 17 minutes by bus from Kyushu Saga International Airport

( Inquiries )
Bureau for the Hizen Saga Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Expo
Address: 1-1-59 Jonai Saga-city
Tel: 0952-25-7504


Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Memorial Museum
(Ichimura Memorial Gymnasium)

kodokan.jpgReal Kodokan
(Former Koga Residence)

miraikan.jpgHagakure Miraikan
(Former Sansho Bank)

Holland House
(Former Saga Bank Gotuku-machi Branch)

useum.jpgUSEUM SAGA
(Saga Retrokan)

karatsu_satellite.jpgKaratsu Satellite Museum
(Former Karatsu Bank)

tosu_satellite.jpgTosu Satellite Museum
(Nakatomi Memorial Medicine Museum)

  • 9:30-18:00 / March 17, 2018 - January 14, 2019
  • Open everyday (※Admission to Real Kodokan starts April 16)
  • Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Memorial Museum: 800 yen(Advance ticket 600 yen)/ Real Kodokan, Hagakure Miraikan: 400 yen (Advance ticket 300 yen) /
  • 1-1-59 Jonai Saga-city
  • 0952-25-7504

More Info

  • 150 years have passed since the Meiji Restoration. "Hizen Saga Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Expo" will be held to celebrate and applaud the accomplishments of great people of the period, and glimpse their will for the future. So who were these great people from Saga?


    • There are a lot, like Naomasa Nabeshima, the 1 0th leader of Saga Domain, who proactively accepted Western technology and led construction of a cast iron cannon and a practical steamboat (Ryohumaru), the first of each in Japan. There's also Shigenobu Okuma, who served as prime minister twice and Yoshitake Shima, who is called the father of Hokkaido's development.


  • Wow that's impressive! Is there anything else to see?


    • You must go to "USEUM SAGA". It's a restaurant inside a western building built in the Meiji era and you can savor their special menu on the ceramics of living national treasure and Sannemon, and others designed in the Meiji era. Another must-visit is the "Holland House" which features the designs, cuisine, and waterfront style of the Netherlands, a historic trading and cultural exchange partner of Saga. There are also satellite buildings in Karatsu and Tosu, so on this special occasion why don't you try to visit other areas in Saga!

      明治期に建てられた洋館で、人間国宝・三右衛門や明治期のデザインの器で特別メニューが味わえるレストラン「ユージアム サガ」や、歴史的に佐賀と交流のあったオランダのデザインや、水辺、食などをテーマにした「オランダハウス」などもおすすめだよ! ほかにも唐津・鳥栖にもサテライト館が設置されるので、この機会に、佐賀県内のほかの地域にも出かけてみてね!

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