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Koimari Shuzo -Imari's Sake spreading around the world-

■"Imari" well-known around Europe

Imari port used to thrive from the shipment Of Arita wares to overseas countries in the old days.
The ceramics brought all the way to Europe became quite popular and came to be called "Imari" from the name Of port.


-Brews beloved Sake as well as traditional ceramics, Koimari-

koimari_shuzo.jpg"Koimarishuzo", established in 1909, has been brewing in Imari, Saga more than 100 years. With its traditional art, they are trying to make sake which makes people happy.

■Brewing Sake at Koimarishuzo

brewingsake.jpgRice and water are the most important factors in brewing sake. Koimarishuzo's Sake features rice manufactured in Saga and famous spring water from Arita. Their sake is brewed by traditional method "Kanzukuri" with great care. In recent years, it has received several awards at overseas fairs such as IWC (International Wine Challenge).


■Featured and recommended products


●Traditional brand
Sake "Koimari" Junmai

This is the local sake that has taken root in Imari. It uses "Saga-nc—hana" rice developed in Saga prefecture.


●New brand
Koimari "Saki" Junmaiginjo

"Saki" is the newest sake developed by Ms. Kumiko Maeda, the 4th president, and Mr. Satoru Maeda, senior management director, in their journey. It received a gold medal at IWCin2017.

●Recommended original brand

Koimari cup sake NOMANNE

Junmai-shu bottled in Imari-Arita wares of white porcelain and classical drawings. This is great for souvenirs.nomanne.jpg

■Sales store "Saki"

<store hours> 9:00 - 17:00 (Close on Sunday and holidays)

There are sake, Narazuke(pickles) (exclusive product) and others. Check the gallery of "Kaiawase" (a Edo period game) that have been in the Maeda family for generations.



More Info

  • Koimarishuzo has been brewing sake more than 100 years! I assume they have really perfected their sake.


    • That's right! They have been trying to make great sake that both local people and people from abroad would enjoy, as well as Imari wares which are internationally famous traditional crafts. In recent years, their fans have grown both home and abroad due to in-depth study for making tasty sake and launching new brands.


  • I heard that Koimarishuzo received the grand prize in the U.S. National Sake Appraisal of 2013 and in the Fukuoka Regional Taxation Bureau North Kyushu Sake Awards of 2016, and also a gold medal in the International Wine Challenge in 201 7 (U.K.). It seems that their sake has received increased recognition.


    • Saga is one of the best places to brew Sake with its great rice and water. Each brewery around the prefecture produces good sake and that contributes to revitalizing local communities. You should visit open brewery events!


  • I would love to try it. I will check the information on open brewery events and each brewery around Saga.


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